Want a guy’s opinion on your lingerie drawer, pushup bras, panties and all?
He most likely will make the following pointers.

1. Keep the colors simple. Black, white, with a hint of color to accentuate curves and shape is hot, elegant, and feeds the mood. Bright or skin-toned colors, are not. Men want to see what you’re wearing and follow the curves of your body with their eyes. Anything that distracts from this is, well, less than ideal.

2. Make sure it fits well, and don’t force sizes. It’s important that you feel great in your outfit, and it’s hard to do that when you’re adjusting straps, readjusting a thong, or scratching because your outfit itches. Pulling, picking, and scratching are things Men notice from a block away.

Tips on buying lingerie.
1. Know Your Size

when you set out to buy lingerie, there are a few #things to keep in mind so that nothing goes awry. One of the best tips for buying lingerie is to know your size before you set out to purchase your goodies. It’s important to get the correct measurements, which you could do at home with measuring tape, or professionally, at places like Victoria Secret. You want to ensure #everything fits well on your body (bust, hips etc.), so you can avoid looking unusually frumpy, lumpy and uncomfortable buying lingerie

2. Suit Your Style

At first, you might think, “I should be adventurous” when you want to buy lingerie. But, if you want to be the sexy vixen that you are (or will become!), sticking to stuff you know would #look awesome on you, is always the best option. So if you like leather and fishnets, go for it! And, if you don’t, that’s okay too.

3. Figure out Your Body Type

one of the best tips for buying lingerie is to know what looks good for your #body type. Whether you want to buy something to accentuate your curves, toned arms, or killer legs, figuring out what makes you #look like a super model is the way to go. For example, if you’re pear-shaped, you’d want to go for a corset or a bustier. A corset would accentuate your bust and helps balance out your bottom half.ortable with yourself.

4. What’s Your Price Range?

You absolutely have to know how much you intend to spend on your lingerie. A good idea would be to shop around different stores, and online to get an estimate of how much quality lingerie will run you. It’s also important to know what you can splurge on, and what you can skimp on. You don’t want to fall in love with a gorgeous set, and be disappointed when there are too many zeros on the price tag.

5. Right Occasion, Right Lingerie

what prompted this trip to get lingerie? Is it your anniversary? Is a #birthday surprise for that special someone? Or is it just because you needed a self-esteem pick-me up? Whatever the reason, a good tips for buying lingerie to find something that best fits the occasion. If the occasion doesn’t call for show stopping glam, don’t feel obligated to purchase something in that category. Remember, there are always more opportunities to out glam yourself in the future

6. Laundry Time

It is super important to know how to care for your lingerie that you plan to purchase. If you’re the kind of person who puts all of your clothes into the wash without separating, you have to careful of which kind of lingerie you buy. Always #read the tags to how it should be cleaned. If it can only be hand-washed, or dry-cleaned, you need to be mindful of that