Five Ways To Get The Haircut You Really Want

If you’ve ever had a post-salon meltdown, raise your hand. We’ve all been there. Whether you wanted a lob and got a bob or asked for dreads but ended up with braids, there’s nothing like a bad haircut to ruin your day (or, depending on how fast your hair grows, month).
Because salon visits should be relaxing and self esteem-boosting-not traumatic-let us share tips on how to ensure the perfect cut every time. Hint: It’s all about communication.
Bring pictures. Lots of pictures.
If you’re getting more than a trim, ask the salon to add a consultation to your appointment so you can sit down with your stylist and map out your vision. Bringing a variety of images to the salon gives stylists a general sense of the their taste and idea.
But be realistic.
“A head of hair is a lot like a fingerprint. There are general types, but no two are exactly alike. If you know a celebrity has a similar natural hair texture or color to yours, it’s a good bet that you’ll be able to achieve a similar look. But remember, a lot goes into to making a celebrity’s hair look amazing in photos: extensions, a glam squad, lighting and strategic angles all play a part. Ask your stylist to give you a reality check before they get started.
Set boundaries
Be vocal about non-negotiables from the get-go. “I have a regular whose only ‘rule’ is that her bangs never go higher than her chin. I respect that and appreciate the freedom to do what I want with the rest
Use your hands
Everyone sees the world through their own lens. Shoulder length,’ for example,
means something different to everyone. To avoid any surprises, try physically showing your stylist where you want your hair to land post-cut.
Establish a bond
There are salons that serve ‘fast hair’ and salons that work hard to develop artist.
Know which type you’re buying into before you book. Once you find a stylist that understands both your hair and aesthetic, stick with them.