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Anita Fabiola Launches Podcast!

Tv star Anita Fabiola simply never ceases to amaze! Guess you, her, him, them and they are still puzzled about her officially blue ticked verified Instagram account🙉😂! You’re like “HOW😶☹🤯😳”  Well, haters…she is still hurting your feelings with more wins!  A living case study on how to bounce back from career threatening setbacks, the social

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Social Media Queen Bettina Tiana Graduates

If you don’t follow this gorgeous creation, you lost your battles already!  Ugandan Bettina Tiana is one of Africa’s leading non-musician non-political social media personalities.  In her early 20s, the sizzling beauty has more than 350,000 people following her in Instagram, more thousands on Twitter and Facebook, stretching into the millions combined! So profound is

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Ugandan Anyon Asola shines in South Africa

22-year young Anyon Asola is a Ugandan grown model of South Sudanese descent. The former student at Makerere University was mentored in local fashion and modeling by Ronnie Nsubuga  at Crystal Models Africa, an agency now renown for identifying budding talent, training and equipping them with the basic and advanced skills, attitude plus connections to

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