Tracy Kakuru

Soft drink giant Crown Beverages possesses an incredible weapon on their corporate service team. 

A marvel to view, a wonder to listen to, a guaranteed performer, CBL’s Tracy Kakuru a.k.a Nkwanzee has for the past 5 years made them look so good that drinking Pepsi or Mirinda was for some people a matter of allegiance to her.
That intelligent beauty was cause for hopeless romantic wishes and dreams for many Men desperate to bite the apple, until one Dennis Otatiina took a bite and decided to keep the apple tree for himself in 2015!
In March 2017, the lovely couple had their first child, effectively sealing their marriage.
Last week was her birth week, one of those much hyped “April babies”.
Bae took her for the ultimate pleasure trip, to Santorini in Greece!
Tracy shared these awesome views and moments on Instagram.
Good Man, He knows she deserves such indulgences.