Anita Fabiola Launches Podcast!

Tv star Anita Fabiola simply never ceases to amaze!
Guess you, her, him, them and they are still puzzled about her officially blue ticked verified Instagram account🙉😂! You’re like “HOW😶☹🤯😳” 
Well, haters…she is still hurting your feelings with more wins!
 A living case study on how to bounce back from career threatening setbacks, the social media powerbrand this week once again rolled her eyes at non-believers and lashed out by launching her own podcast. If the term sounds foreign to you, we understand…but thank God you got Google or Wikipedia ,read up… step up🤗.
In layman terms though, it’s a radio-ish platform where you can tune in from anywhere on earth as long as you have an internet connection. 
She first told us about this idea in late November 2017, little did we know it would be achievable in less than 6 months, on a major online broadcast forum like Afripods!
Doubters, checkout this official Afripods statement👇
“The Fabiola Podcast” – is here!
Afripods is very happy and honored to welcome the magnificent Anita Fabiola @anitahfabiola, one of Uganda’s most famous media personalities! Anita kick started her career in 2014 and with her background in radio and television Anita has without doubt created one of the biggest online brands in East Africa and positioned her as a leading “influencer” in social media. As an early adopter Anita recognizes that the future of media means digital and testing new media channels why she has decided to embrace podcasting, or “radio on demand” as it is also called, and create “The Fabiola Podcast”. In her very own personal way and passion for sharing uplifting stories Anita will sit down and talk to other successful people and use her own lessons from life and strong personality to inspire us all. First and very special guest is Award winning Radio and TV host @malaikannyanzi.
Fabiola shared this achievement with her ever supportive social media loyalty on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! The responses were overwhelmingly positive and you better not miss the next episode.
We did tune in, and yes, she’s amazing! 
Great interview with Malaika, 2 next-generation power women having a great time sharing thoughts, opinions and personal facts y’all ain’t heard yet.
It’s available anytime, to listen to “The Fabiola Podcast” and explore more download the Afripods app from Google Play and App Store and listen for FREE without streaming and spending valuable data. 
By Laban Muliika 
Essence Magazine