Social Media Queen Bettina Tiana Graduates

If you don’t follow this gorgeous creation, you lost your battles already! 

Ugandan Bettina Tiana is one of Africa’s leading non-musician non-political social media personalities. 
In her early 20s, the sizzling beauty has more than 350,000 people following her in Instagram, more thousands on Twitter and Facebook, stretching into the millions combined!
So profound is her presence that soft drink giant Coca-Cola listed her on their 2018 World cup influencer list, a gig that had her flying with the actual trophy from South Africa to Uganda for public viewing during the much published WCTour2018.
Like most self-made successful people, Bettina ably juggled work and studies, and while you were “busy” drooling over her insane photos and captions, the hottie was busy scrolling through books, attending some lectures or taking notes.
Allegations floated around about a year back that the Makerere University Business school star was considering quitting school altogether, wedged between the lifestyle and the reality of her ambitious self.
Well, naysayers shamed, she graduated this April, and was eager to share her achievement with her loyal online family.
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Congratulations Bettina, now go get them some more.